Leading in Kids Ministry



    This information package contains the expectations for a Children’s Ministry Volunteer as well
    as descriptions of all positions available within this Foundational Ministry.

    Purpose of Kids Ministry at BAC:

    Our PURPOSE is to spark a deep desire within each child to KNOW Jesus Christ as their Lord and
    Savior, to GROW in their relationship with Him and to SHOW His love to the world around them


    Children are a blessing from God and we want to be able to introduce them to Jesus Christ and
    help them grow in their faith. As a part of the Children’s Ministry at BAC, you have the
    opportunity to impact young lives for eternity, your influence not only lies with the kids but also
    their families as they entrust their kids to you. To be an effective Children’s Ministry Volunteer,
    the most important thing that you need to have, next to having an intimate relationship with
    Jesus Christ, is a love for kids. Kids do not care how much you know until they know how much
    you care. As long as the kids know you love them, you will be able to impact their lives in
    incredible ways.
    Your personal walk with the Lord is very important. You need to be in a growing relationship
    with Jesus Christ, knowing He is Lord of your life. He is guiding it, He is controlling it and He is
    directing it. You will be expected to spend personal time in prayer and Bible reading as well as
    attend BAC Sunday services on a regular basis.
    As a Kidmin leader you are to be a good role model and to set a great example of what a
    Christian should be. You will build into young lives the knowledge and experience that you have

    as a mature Christian. The kids need to hear you talking about what God is teaching you. They
    want to know your relationship with God is alive and vibrant! Our kids need this type of leader!
    Kids are watching you, whether you know it or not. We need to remember that we represent
    Christ to the world around us. If leaders are not close to God and are not a living example for
    the kids, how can we expect the kids to be? Kids today need strong, caring leaders. They need
    to see Christians who are excited about their faith and growing in it. The Children’s Ministry at
    BAC needs leaders who are committed to Christ and the body of believers. Our kids need
    someone to believe in them and to love them as God does. We are the hands and feet of Jesus
    to these kids as we instill God’s Word in the hearts and lives of children. His word is the
    absolute authority in all matters. Clear teaching of Scripture is foundational.

    Below are the current roles and descriptions so you will have clear knowledge of what will be expected of
    you. We want our Children’s Ministry Team to be the best possible for effective ministry and to
    God’s glory. These expectations have been put in place because we love you and love those we
    serve. They are not limited to your time spent with the kids in ministry, but your lifestyle as a
    whole. I am asking you to read over the agreement, pray about where you see God using you,
    sign and return to me.


    Miss Julie
    Children's Ministry Pastor

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