The Christian & Missionary Alliance is a missionary denomination. A new Missions Committee is in the process of being put together to highlight missions in our church. Every Sunday morning a different missionary is described and prayed for. Effort is made to have missionaries associated with "The Alliance" to speak in our Sunday services as well as during various week day activities.

    Many church attendees contribute weekly/monthly to The Global Advance Fund which supports our missionary effort. All funds given to a missions cause is forwarded entirely to our Canadian Headquarters for missionary use.

    We also support various forms of missions outreach that takes place through Christian & Missionary Churches in Canada. We have churches that minister in the national language of many ethnic groups. Financial support is given to these groups to start their church, and contributes until they are self supporting. This Canadian Ministries Fund also contributes to our Seminary which prepares our pastors and lay people. This Fund also provides monies for the starting of new Alliance Churches. Offerings contributed to this fund are forwarded entirely to the office that administers this area of ministry.