Wednesday Evenings
    6:45PM - 8:15PM

    What's Up Wednesdays

    Formally known as Pioneer Clubs, KID CREW is to reach and teach every kid about Jesus, CREW stands for Christ Reaches Every Where.  Every child is welcome because every child needs to know that Jesus loves them. Kid Crew is a fun, high energy ministry that encourages kids to build solid Christian values that will last a lifetime. The Bible is the core of everything we do and is the tool we use to introduce children to Jesus Christ. We want to help children use, understand and apply the Bible in their daily life. The curriculum we are using is from Lifeway called Team Kid which presents Bible Truths through Bible memorization, skill building activities, games, fun activities and singing all while helping your kids grow to be more like Jesus. The night is age appropriate and provides a hands on learning experience for all kids.

    For our Grade 5 kids- who developmentally are on the edge physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. They’re deciding what they believe. They have faith questions that can’t be answered with simple fill-in-the-blank answers. Each week Grade 5 kids will tackle a different question that reflects what preteens want to know and need to know. 

    Typical Night?

    Our Kid Crew program starts at 6:45pm to 8:15pm each Wednesday night (September through May). Kids start out each night in their age appropriate groups where they are encouraged to build friendships and connect with their leaders. The program includes games and activities which are designed to develop social and practical skills, Bible stories and memory work as well as an all inclusive "catch up" time of singing and various special features. Crew members use a workbook for most of the activity based learning and badges are given for completion of each activity. Our program also features special theme and activity nights. 

    Kids are split into groups as follows:
    JK/SK- boys and girls together
    Grades 1-5- boys and girls in separate groups split by grade level.

    Respect?                                                                                                                                                                               We have a respect Code that is put in place for kids and youth ministries at BAC. Respect God: I will not be a distraction in my group and I will not use rude language. Respect Others: I will not fight with others, I will listen when my leader is talking, I will keep my hands to myself, I will not call  anyone names and I will not bully anyone. Respect Church: I will not take what doesn't belong to me, I will not damage Church property and I will not wander away from my group. We ask that you review these with your child often as a reminder of expected behavior.

    Is there a fee?                                                                                                                                                                    $70 which includes Crew fee, workbook, badges and bag as well and special events throughout the year.

    What is KID CREW camp?
    In May the kids (Grades 1-5) enjoy a weekend at CAMP where they  participate in  archery, high ropes. low ropes, group games and  so much more. This is an unforgettable weekend for the kids and a great way to finish the year. There is a  separate fee of  $130 for this camp weekend.