What do your kids know and understand about Salvation, Baptism, Communion and Discipleship? Would you like to know? Are your kids wanting to take some next steps in their Christian walk? Would you like to help lead them forward?  NEXT STEPS is for kids in 5th grade and their parents —it is an opportunity for your child’s pastor and youth pastor to partner with you to address some of the “next steps” for your kids in their spiritual journey.

    Topics include Salvation, Baptism, Communion and Discipleship. Regardless of where your child is in their spiritual journey, this is an opportunity to guide them forward. 

    A parent is required to attend with their child. Both parents are preferred but at least one needs to attend, and it is usually best if it’s the same parent during all the classes for consistency. There will be some small homework assignments and a worksheet they will go through—some in the class, and some at home.