Next Steps

    Kids Ministry, Next Steps

    What do your kids know and understand about Salvation, Baptism, Communion and Discipleship? Would you like to know? Are your kids wanting to take some next steps in their Christian walk? Would you like to help lead them forward? That is why our church is offering a special class for 5th graders called NEXT STEPS for KIDS during the month of April—it is an opportunity for me as your child’s pastor to partner with you to address some of the “next steps” for your kids in their spiritual journey.

    We’ll be covering the topic of salvation, baptism, communion and discipleship over a 4-week period.Regardless of where your child is in their spiritual journey, this is an opportunity to guide them forward. Whether or not your child has prayed yet to accept Jesus as their Lord, this class will help them discover the deeper meaning of salvation— or perhaps even make a life decision to become a Christian or renew their commitment to follow Jesus in their daily life and choices.

    We’ll learn what baptism is all about. There is no expectation that kids get baptized at the conclusion of this class, but to help them better understand this practice so that they can be better prepared to follow Christ in baptism when they are ready. We’ll address communion so that if your child participates in this, they will be able to do so with an appreciation for what it means. Finally, we will be looking at what lifelong discipleship looks like. A parent is required to attend with their child. Both parents are preferred but at least one needs to attend, and it is usually best if it’s the same parent during all the classes for consistency. There will be some small homework assignments and a worksheet they will go through—some in the class, and some at home.

    By the end of this class your child will have a written testimony of how they came to Christ, be able to share the Gospel clearly, and have an understanding of baptism and communion that many adult Christians still lack. The partnership with parents is critical to the success of this process.

    Parents and kids are still encouraged to attend church —we don’t want this class to substitute regular learning in their class nor to keep you out of the adult service for a month. Missing the service would not be good for either of you nor demonstrate to your child the importance of church on Sundays. Please view this as something extra you are doing for four weeks, rather than a change in what you attend on Sundays. Thank you for keeping church a priority while attending this class.

    More information will be available closer to the start date