What is LeadYoung?

    • A leadership program that is specially designed to target organizational leaders when they are most moldable, not simply a kids’ program emphasizing leadership
    • Project-based, experiential, organizational leadership training curricula, that is grounded in research and modelled after executive programs; designed specifically for children’s 5 developmental phases
    • Teaches the 16 most desirable leader qualities, dividing them into 4 modules, each consisting of 8 lessons (participants can join any of the 4 modules, since they are non-sequential)
    • Taught by certified trainers using media, experiential activities and real-to-life projects

    We believe that:

    • LEADERSHIP is the process by which people accomplish together what they could not as individuals. LEADERS are those who spur on this process.
    • The single most strategic time for developing leaders of character and competence is the preteen years (10-13 years)

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    When and Where does LeadYoung Meet?

    LeadYoung meets at Bramalea Alliance Church, and we meet at Sundays from 10:30AM - 12:15PM.

    Below are the start dates for LeadYoung Modules:

    Module 1: October/November 2021
    Module 2: January/February 2022
    Module 3: TBA
    Module 4: TBA

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    How Much does LeadYoung Cost?

    LeadYoung costs $60 per module. The cost includes the book and a t-shirt.

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    Is LeadYoung Right for my Child?

    LeadNow is a program designed for 10-13 year olds. The training is most effective for the 20% who currently exhibit a propensity toward influencing. Generally, these characteristics emerge early in life, observable by parents, teachers and coaches in social settings. Whether it’s trying to boss a sibling, organize recess activities, or initiate new projects, there are cues for detecting emerging leaders.

    Because life experience is still limited, we rely heavily on developing the natural leadership talent identified through an online assessment that adults complete for the preteen to help identify children with observable organizational leader qualities, making this a basic requirement for enrollment in the program. Students are selected based on scoring

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    LeadYoung Modules

    Red/Ruby Module

    • Sessions 1 & 2: Value: Ethics (what it means to have high moral, internal standards)
    • Sessions 3 & 4: Attitude: Honor (what it means to esteem people and value them)
    • Sessions 5 & 6: Relationship: Communication (how to get your message to others)
    • Sessions 7 & 8: Decision: Power (how to get it and use it appropriately for good)

    Blue/Sapphire Module

    • Sessions 1 & 2: Value: Integrity (what it means to be honest and internally whole)
    • Sessions 3 & 4: Attitude: Confidence (what it means to exude faith, take risks)
    • Sessions 5 & 6: Relationship: Recruit (how to get people on your team and in the right positions)
    • Sessions 7 & 8: Decision: Vision (how to decide direction and say it in a way that inspires others)

    Green/Emerald Module

    • Sessions 1 & 2: Value: Responsible (what it means to be dependable, taking ownership)
    • Sessions 3 & 4: Attitude: Servanthood (what it means to be humble and put the team first)
    • Sessions 5 & 6: Relationship: Team (how to create unity and focus in your team)
    • Sessions 7 & 8: Decision: Strategy (how to get to the goal the best way)

    Orange/Gold Module

    • Sessions 1 & 2: Value: Commitment (what it means to be dedicated and persevere)
    • Sessions 3 & 4: Attitude: Optimism (what it means to be hopeful in stressful situations)
    • Sessions 5 & 6: Relationship: Conflict (how to diffuse potentially destructive emotions)
    • Sessions 7 & 8: Decision: Change (how to make transitions effectively)

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    What are parents/students saying?

    Here is what some parents are saying about it:

    [My kids] learned how to work and communicate in a group, give input and listen.  They learned Bible verses every week that reflected what they were learning.  The teachers were wonderful, and put a lot of effort in putting things together, but also getting to know our kids and their strengths. They were always encouraging towards the kids, making sure everyone got a chance to lead. I would encourage anyone to have your kids get involved and try out lead young.

    Lead young is an amazing program. Not only is the program itself well conceived, but the coaches themselves are phenomenal. As a teacher and coach myself, I recognize how important it is for others to build into my children.  There are things that they may hear and understand better from people who aren’t their parents. I’m eternally grateful for how my son is learning from people who love the Lord and care for his well being.

    It is also important to note that my son talks about the activities throughout the week. Being able to have leadership built into him, while using the Word and fun activities, is awesome!

    When he heard about the Lead Young program, [my son] didn’t think he was necessarily right for it. He was nervous about joining and didn’t see himself as a leader; he perceived leadership to look something like exerting a strong will over others. Before entering the Lead Young program, [he] really didn’t have a sense of what leadership was. After he started the program, [he] would excitedly tell us each week on the way home from church about the leadership style for the week. He told us about being a “servant leader,” learning to listen to others, taking initiative, and other lessons. The program developed his understanding of what it means to lead and gave him a sense of what type of person he wants to become. Even though [he] didn’t realize it, he does have strong leadership tendencies, which come out when he does group-work at school. Because of the Lead Young program, we’ve been able to talk about how he might apply what he’s learning to classroom situations where he naturally tends to lead a group and keep them focused. He says the lesson on listening to the opinions of others has been the most impactful, because he remembers it and tries to put that habit into practice in class. [My son] is not only learning what it means to lead, but why it’s important that he put his training into practice. The Lead Young program increases kids’ awareness of the gifts and talents God has given them. It also gives them the language to talk about skills they didn’t realize they already had. Lead Young equips our kids to become a person of positive influence on their peers. As a parent, I’m thrilled that my child is learning skills that willgive him the confidence to lead the crowd, rather than follow it.  

    Here is what some students are saying about it:

    I liked all the games we played, and the friends we made. It taught me how to step out of my comfort zone while leading.

    I liked that we got different tasks that we had to do, and some were really fun. The games were fun and really helpful in the different leaderships qualities and traits of each session. For example, integrity, honesty, confidence, responsibility.

    I enjoy the activities and team building exercises. Also, the opening thinking challenge is a great brain challenge to get ready for the exercises that day.

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    Are You Interested or Would Like to Know More Information?
    Please Contact:

    Julie Crawford
    Children's Pastor 

    905-791-1510 ext. 223

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