Pre-Authorized Donation Program

    As with many charitable organizations, BAC is pleased to provide an automated method for making regular donations. 


    • To provide regular donors with the option of eliminating their usual (weekly/monthly) offering cheques. To allow givings to continue when these donors cannot be in attendance (travel, vacation, business, etc) and in turn, de- crease weekly givings fluctuations.


    • The pre-authorized amount automatically comes out of your bank account (same as issuing a cheque) This is for bank accounts only (not offered for credit cards) 


    • Complete the Pre-Authorized Donation Enrollment Form (available from or the Church Office) Return the completed form, along with a void cheque or equivalent, to the Church Office (either mail, offering plate, or Church Office mail box)


    • This can be on a semi-monthly or a once-a-month basis
    • The amount of the donation is the same each time
    • Donations can still be made to BAC over & above the pre- authorized donations, with or without a givings envelope
    • Enrolment in the program can be cancelled at any time