What is the DP?
    The Discipleship Project is a year long (during the school year) experience where students (disciples) will be paired with an adult (discipler) for the purpose of deep, personal, and intentional discipleship.

    How does the DP work?
    Once a month the disciple and discipler pairs will meet for a one hour. The Discipleship discussion will include accountability, a discussion on that months’ “Discipleship Essential”, and prayer.

    For purposes of plan to protect two disciplers will car pool and pick up their disciples and drive to one meeting location (coee shop or other public place). Once there pairs will meet seperately for one hour. After the meeting the disciplers will drop o both disciples at their homes.

    Once a month disciple pairs (same pairs that carpool together each month) will meet for a time of confession, accountability, and prayer. This meeting can be done in person, online, or over the phone. This will be less formal/structured than the rst meeting.

    Once a month ALL disciple/discipler pairs will meet on Sunday morning in the youth room at 9am to connect with each other over coee and treats and learn more about that months Discipleship Essential. Disciples will also be required to share what they are learning through the Discipleship Project which includes giving testimonies of how they are applying what they are learning (who did you share the gospel with this month?), show that they can articulate that months’ Discipleship Essential, and quote that months memory verse.

    What happens between the monthly meetings?
    The Discipleship Project is structured with BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER components. The BEFORE component is the preparation the disicple will need to do BEFORE the meeting with their discipler. This includes bible reading and answering questions. The DURING component represents the actual one hour Discipleship meeting. The AFTER component represents the application for that month that both the disciple and discipler agree on (example: this month you will share the gospel with one friend who is not a believer).

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