At BAC KIDS, we are committed to doing all we can to keep your family safe! For now, we are implementing new procedures related to mask-wearing, class sizes, sanitization, and check-in/out. We love caring for your kids and believe these procedures will create an environment that protects the health and safety of families and leaders.


    Q: When will BAC KIDS reopen?

    A: Children’s ministry will be opening up for in person programming for Kidzone beginning Sunday, September 5th and Kid Crew beginning Wednesday, September 29th.

    Q: Do children have to wear masks?

    A: All children JK and older will be required to wear a mask while in children’s ministry areas. Leaders will also be required to wear masks at all times. Toddlers are not required but are encouraged to wear if possible.

    Q: Will drop off and pick up change?

    A: Our new check in system is touchless. You will need to download the Church Center App (see flyer below for set up). When you log onto the Church app. You will have to do a COVID screening before being able to check in your kids. Once you check in your children on the app, you will receive a QR code that you will scan at one of our check in stations. If you do not have the Church Center app, our desk staff will check your child(ren) in at one of our stations. Labels will be printed for all children and pick up is done by scanning the new bar code that you will receive at check in.

    Q: Is social distancing being practiced in Kidmin?

    A: As much as possible, we are implementing social distancing. Obviously, young children are constantly on the move, however, room capacity limitations will minimize the number of kids in the rooms. Games will also keep social distancing in mind as well as reducing activities that involves shared contact with objects or each other.

    Q: Are the rooms being cleaned?

    A: We’ve always provided clean learning environments, but in order to increase safety, all Kidmin rooms and bathrooms will be wiped down and high-touch surfaces will be sanitized between services. 

    Q: What about snacks?

    A: We understand snacks are important to kids. Our snacks for Toddlers and JK/SK age groups are individually wrapped to prevent sharing of food. Elementary rooms do not offer snacks.

    Q: Can parents enter Kidmin rooms?

    A: We ask that parents do not enter but drop off/pick up their children in the hall outside the Kidmin rooms. We will be monitoring hallway traffic and may at times limit the amount of people in the hallways for everyone’s safety and wellbeing. We are encouraging (whenever possible) just one parent or guardian to enter for drop-off and pick-up to aid with physical distancing. 

    Q: What should I do before coming to Church?

    A: Please make sure your child uses the washroom before leaving home so there is limited trips. Check kids in using the Church Center App and make sure to read COVID screening before checking in your child(ren).

    Q: Will nursery be open?

    A: Nursery care (0 through age 2) will not be provided for now. We are offering this as a PARENT PAD, if you and your child needs to leave the service, you are welcome to use if your baby needs to sleep, be changed or to nurse. You can also watch the service and enjoy the company of others in the same season of life.

    Q: What else will we be doing?

    For your convenience, sanitizing stations are available throughout the building. Everyone will be asked to sanitize their hands immediately upon arriving in the Kids Ministry area. We will encourage frequent hand washing among children and leaders. As an extra precaution leaders are either double vaccinated or will provide a negative test result each time they serve. 

    Q: Will children be sharing supplies?

    A: We will be limiting the use of shared items by implementing separate supply bins in each room 1/child which will have their name on it

    It is important to understand that physical distancing and hygiene are a priority ,but cannot always be maintained with preschool and elementary children, therefore by registering and bringing your children, you are acknowledging that you understand the risk of transmission in these environments. The public health measures are not meant to guarantee safety. They are intended to reduce the risk of transmission through enhanced screening and to contain any exposure by limiting group size.


    If you have any other concerns not listed here, please contact Miss Julie at