Worship and Creative Arts

Worship Ministries

Here at Bramalea Alliance it is our hope that you are welcomed into a warm community atmosphere. Our worship services reflect the multi generational demographic that is represented in our church. We offer a blended service that seeks to only glorify God. It is our desire that you come on Sunday morning to give your burdens to Jesus and experience the profound love of God.  

Philosophy of Worship
Worship is the acknowledgement of the resurrection power of Christ as living and active in our lives. Worship is what happens when people become aware that they are in the presence of God. We also understand that worship is a continual out pouring of our lives whether it be conscious or unconscious, but when God’s people make the effort to reflect their lives to the world in the example of Jesus. It is that example of Christ’s love and surrender that exemplifies true worship. That is what God is seeking to use in our world and that is what we are seeking to become here at Bramalea Alliance, true worshipers.  
Worship is the divine reality of God and the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit stirring us to do what we are created to do – glorify God.

Haugan Family Farewell
Sun, July 28, 2019